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Victoria Dordzhiyeva / Виктория Дорджиева

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Russian version

Name: Dordzhiyeva Victoria Grigoryevna
Nickname on elista.org forum: Real_Harada
Current Residence: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Age: 26.06.1982
Sign of birth:
Education: student at Lakeland College
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Body measurement: 93-62-96

My favorite reading material: I love to read everything. Most of the books in my library are books about happiness and love. I hate books with bad endings. I am also interested in educational magazines and journals. The most important reading are daily newspapers written in English or Russian.

My favorite flowers: In my opinion only God could create something as beautiful as a flower. Flowers are so pretty everyone has a favorite. My favorite flower is a Tulip. I love tulips because I grew up around them. In my opinion, Roses are the prettiest flowers in the world. However, it's very difficult to choose the most wonderful flower because they are all so beautiful.

Movies: I do watch movies, but I don't have a favorite. I don't like action movies, scary movies, thrillers or others that involve violence. Because the world today is so awful due to rape, murder, and terrorism, I see enough violence on the daily news. I am happiest when I watch movies about endless love, happy families and peace.

Favorite pets: From the animal kingdom I prefer birds and fish. I like birds because their songs and chirping make my heart bloom and put me in a good mood. For me, birds make this world more beautiful. I like fish for other reasons. In my opinion, fish are pretty creatures that are harmless and calm. Fish are the best medicine for nervous people because they allow a person to relax and rest.

Dreams I dream about: I dream of finishing my education and earning a certificate as a professional translator for the English and Russian language. I would also love to earn a degree as a masseuse. One day I dream of traveling around the world, the first country I wish to see is Egypt. My latest dream is to visit Elista and meet my dearest friends and relatives that I left behind four years ago.

Favorites things I like to do: I love to read books in my free time. If the weather is nice I enjoy fishing or just taking a long walk in the park. I enjoy watching movies at a movie theater, but most of the time I am satisfied to watch a movie at home. In the heat of the summer I particularly enjoy swimming at any of the many beaches in my city. In my free time, I love to hang out with my sister, especially when we go shopping together. My favorite show to watch is the daily news. I like to be informed daily on what's going on in the world.

I like to help people who are in trouble, or in need of help. Most of the people in this situation don't speak English or don't have any transportation. It is a great feeling when I do something good for others. I love to drive long distances and explore U.S. cities. I like to clean my house and I love to cook. The most favorite thing for me to do is to study.

What makes me mad: I do not get along with selfish people. I especially hate laziness in people. However, my largest problem are the injustices that occur in this world.

A few words about myself: I am originally from Elista. I used to live on the 4th mikroraryon. The last grade I completed in Elista was the 10th grade at the Elista Classic Gymnasium. I used to be a member of charitable organization called "Dobrodetel" (Do kindness). We would sing and dance for orphans, as well as elders in nursing homes and children with lethal diseases such as HIV. We also cleaned apartments and cooked for elders who live alone. I am an understanding, sensitive, honest, kind-hearted and trustworthy person. I love to visit new places and meet new people. I love to listen to Kalmuk music and any other music that is not very hard. I am also a shoulder for people with sadness to lean on.

Right now I am living in the USA. I am a student at Lakeland College and my major is Business Management. Because I am a good student, my biography is going to be published in the "National Deans List", which honors America's outstanding college students in the 2000-2001 school year.

I live with my mother, who is an amazing person and my sister Yelena. Since I came to America I have enjoyed my stay. I very like it here, because only in this country will my dreams come true.

My e-mail: atlantida82@yahoo.com

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